Our Story

Dynamic Health Physical Therapy and Wellness was born from the idea and pursuit of changing peoples’ lives, and I believe that is just what we are doing.

Dynamic Health Physical Therapy and Wellness has two parts a physical therapy/manual therapy services and a wellness services. They were founded in 2013 by Christopher Roberts PT, IMT.C, through a driving need to help people. Help people overcome hardships they were facing on a day to day basis causing pain, dysfunction, and disability. I saw people suffering every day with pain, an inability to do what they loved, and depression due to this. So the search for a different/better way was born and I began training in many different holistically centered types of physical therapy in order to assist these people to overcome the obstacles in their lives that were so prevalent.

Our Mission

The focus and the reason why we are here is to change peoples’ lives. We do this through a striving for excellence in blending holistic advanced manual therapy techniques and philosophy, with a tradition physical therapy approach. With this mission we hope that through changing one person’s life at a time by resolving pain, disability, and dysfunction they will return to doing what they love and feel more joy and gratitude. This, in turn, will be reflected in their life, their path, and their interactions with people. In this way other people will be touched, changing their lives as well.

How We Treat

At Dynamic Health PT and Wellness, we utilize advanced manual therapies to release tissue tension patterns that might be causing the underlying problem leading to the symptoms a patient complains of. This is a big focus of our practice and makes all the difference. Then orthopedic manual therapy techniques are used to adjust the joints and reposition structures. We also employ correct therapeutic exercise and neurologic re-education program to facilitate stability, strength, and function. Manual therapy will increase the potential function of a joint or body while a custom exercise program will then help you attain that potential function that is afforded.

For example, a person presenting with shoulder pain may have a primary restriction in the abdomen or chest causing a pattern of facial restriction that could pull the shoulder forward out of alignment. In this abnormal alignment it is at a biomechanical disadvantage, possibly in pain, and vulnerable to injury. Tension pattern diagnostics may reveal that releasing the tensions in the abdomen/chest first would allow for the shoulder tension to release, allowing for an adjustment of the shoulder position. Following up with a correct supportive therapeutic exercise program, would support this process.

Our therapists treat all kinds of disorders from surgeries to fibromyalgia, neck pain to toe and foot pain, varying neurological disorders, motor vehicle accidents, and chronic pain to acute situations. Our physical therapists take a holistic total body approach with hands on one on one treatments. They are all certified in an advanced manual therapy called Integrative Manual Therapy, but have also had extensive training in other advanced manual therapies and physical therapies from cutting-edge leaders including Sharon Wieselfish Giammateo PT, IMTC, Jean Pierre Barral PT, John Barnes PT, Geoffery Douglas Maitland PT, Robin Mckenzie PT, Brian Mulligan PT, and others.

We often treat patients that find wonderful results with us that have been unsuccessful prior to visiting us. Call us for more information.

Our Team