Dina B.

I was referred to Chris Roberts by a friend, who had amazing therapy outcomes and has been taking her whole family to address a variety of issues. At that time I needed to address recurring headaches resulting from my “computer neck”. I was able to experience immense relief even after the initial session, and substantially improved my quality of life with repeat visits. Chris is very experienced, highly knowledgeable and incredibly intuitive. He is genuinely concerned with the well being of his patients and uses his knowledge of manual therapy to treat the whole patient and lift them up to a totally new level of well being. Many people go through their entire lives not realizing how much physical discomfort and dis-ease impact their overall well being. Unaware of the tremendous healing potential of manual therapy they resort to conventional treatments that just mask their symptoms without addressing the underlining cause of the issue. Chris helps to diagnose the root cause and then delivers amazing outcomes. Following my initial success, I made it a point to consult with Chris whenever I experienced any discomfort and addressed multiple issues that were contributing to some areas of discomfort. Thanks to Chris I was able to reach the level of well being I haven’t seen in years. My son, who has been experiencing symptoms of discomfort and pain due to orthodontic treatment and high school sports injuries also became his patient and a huge fan. I cannot recommend Chris high enough given the tremendous value that he delivers.