L C-Parent

“I am writing to express my appreciation for the work that Chris Roberts is doing with my children. We are only partially through the process, however, we are already beginning to see improvements in them in school, social activities, and in their health. Chris is able to use humor, a calm demeanor, and kindness to help my young children feel comfortable. He is able to explain things so that they can understand him easily and he has helped my oldest child understand why his food choices are so important. He is able to assess a situation and make adjustments so that the process can go more smoothly. There are few people that I can say I trust completely with my children. Chris is one of those few people. In addition to helping my children, his well-delivered suggestions have been right on target and have helped my family become healthier. Chris has provided a multi-faceted approach towards education via written material and providing information verbally. As a result, the quality of education that I’ve received has far surpassed any information provided by my traditional medical doctors. As a result of our positive experience, I have had glowing reports of your practice to my friends and neighbors. Thank you again for having such a talented and professional individual on staff.”