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At Dynamic Health Physical Therapy and Wellness, in Avon CT, we assess the whole body, finding the underlying reason for your pain or dysfunction. If there has been a surgery or trauma, we will work with you to overcome it. We take a holistic approach to physical therapy, developing a customized treatment plan for you, addressing all your goals.

Our physical therapists start with advanced manual therapy techniques and add some traditional tools and exercise prescription. This ensures you get the best care possible, ultimately getting you back to living your life healthier, more active, and doing everything you love.


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At Dynamic Health We Strive to Always Provide The Most Effective and One-On-One Treatments Available

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Neck pain with arm issues

Chris is an incredible manual and physical therapist. I went to him at the recommendation of a friend and I am so grateful. I was losing function of my arm due to neck issues and I haven’t had an issue with my arm since my first visit!

Tara L.
Knee pain

I went to Chris after seeing two or three different PT’s that told me I had hip imbalance and/or IT band syndrome. Chris figured out that I had a bunch of different things that were causing my pain and fixed everything.

Matt K
Fell off bike and sports injuries

Chris is amazing! I have been working with him for 15 years. I am an avid athlete, who comes for maintenance as well as acute issues. He saved me when I fell off my bike and hit a car. He was the only one who got me back to my athletic self.

Krista P.
Total knee replacements

Chris Roberts is the best physical therapist ever! I had 2 total knee replacements (a year apart) and if it weren’t for Chris’ skill, encouragement and patience, I never would have had such a successful recovery each time.

Terri W.
Infant with developmental delay

Chris Roberts is an amazing physical therapist. My daughter has been seeing Chris for a chronic condition since she was about 6 months old. At that time, she was behind in meeting all of her gross motor developmental milestones. Within a couple months of seeing Chris, she mastered sitting up independently, crawling, pulling up, and was walking before her first birthday.

Heather G.
Back pain

I had back pain & tried everything for it, nothing worked. All they wanted to do was give me a pill or cut me open. It wasn’t until I found Chris that my back pain is GONE!

Jody R.


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Let us assist you in healing by finding the root cause of your pain or limitation.

You will be evaluated, educated as to the underlying cause, and a personalized treatment plan will be constructed just for you.

We will have you feeling like yourself again soon!

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