Custom Therex Programs

Custom Therex Programs

Manual therapy and advanced manual therapy, when applied correctly, will increase a person’s potential for healing and improved function through structural changes. These manual therapies will release tension patterns in fascia and take stress off joints, therefore, giving the patient improved movement and flexibility. A customized therapeutic exercise program with specially tailored exercises is what allows a patient to attain that functional potential that was afforded through manual therapy.

If a patient presents with low back pain with stiffness. Most practitioners would focus on the general weakness of the low back, pelvis, abdominal complex. This is acceptable, but will not yield full recovery. A physical therapist must first use advanced manual therapy tech to realign joint surfaces so they work properly without “wear and tear,” and eliminate tension patterns causing pulls and strains. 

Only after this is done, can a good customized therapeutic exercise program benefit the patient.  Now that the proper alignment has been attained one can strengthen and stabilize that proper alignment instead of stabilizing a poor alignment.  If one stabilizes a poor alignment there will be re-injury next week, next month, or next year.

Employing a customized exercise program will address poor stability, muscle imbalances, coordination disturbances, and general functional weakness. Patients will be stronger, have more stability and balance, improved coordination, improved gait, and greater function to achieve the goals that they want.

Our physical therapists have had extensive training in prescribing individualized one-on-one customized therapeutic exercise programs. We give one on one instruction and feedback throughout the exercise program. We graduate the patient to a more and more skilled level of strength/stability and understanding. Our physical therapists have had success with elderly patients through elite athletes. For more information, Contact us at Avon, CT center.

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