Facial Palsy

Facial Palsy or Bell’s Palsy is a type of facial paralysis or weakness that results in the inability to control the facial muscles on one side of your face. The paralysis is caused by an insult to the facial nerve,  cranial nerve # 7 and is most likely a virus.  Symptoms can vary from mild to severe and can include: difficulty smiling, puckering, eating, closing affected eye, raising eyebrows, and puffing cheeks. Usually, these patients present with one side of their face drooping.

The good news is this can be helped through the correct prescription of advanced manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and possibly facial muscle stimulation.

Our physical therapists have been trained in treating Bell’s Palsy and are getting great results. Some of the treatment includes:

  • Advanced Manual Therapy to treat areas of the cranium, cranial base, cranial nerves, and face.
  • Exercises to help the muscles and nerves relearn how to move the facial structure. Become stronger and reactive and decrease the overflow of muscles on the “good side” of the face affecting the weaker side of the face.
  • Electric Stimulation to assist the nerve to reinnervate the facial muscles.

All of these procedures together yield good results. Please call us at Dynamic Health Physical Therapy in Avon, CT at 860-404-2549 for more information and to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled and talented physical therapists.