Get Moving at Home! Tips for Achieving a Full-Body Workout During Quarantine

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Just because you’re in the confines of your home during this time, it doesn’t mean you can’t still achieve a full-body workout. Yes, it is true that gyms, workout classes, intramural leagues, and the like are closed/postponed for the time being – but it is still important to remain active and get your whole body moving as often as you can.

While, like many of us, you may not have a home gym or the resources that a fully functioning brick-and-mortar gym may have, there is still plenty you can do at home – you just have to know the right exercises! For a full-body workout that will leave you feeling as if you just had your normal session at the gym or your workout class of choice, follow the exercises below.

5 full-body exercises to feel the burn at home:

  • Dumbbell Wood Chops. Looking for exercises to do with your dumbbell at home? Dumbbell Wood Chops are a great full-body exercise to get you moving. Begin by holding the dumbbell with both hands above one side of your head. Swing the dumbbell in a controlled motion diagonally down across your body, toward your opposite hip. Use the power from your hip rotation to make this swinging motion. By engaging your back, shoulder, legs, and abdominal muscles, you can feel good knowing that you’re getting the full workout you’re looking for! 

Here is a video for your reference: 

  • Running Man. Are you an avid runner or cycler? When quarantined at home, it can seem disheartening when unable to go outdoors and do the activities you enjoy. Exercises like the Running Man can simulate the feeling of those activities by focusing on the same muscles. Begin by lifting your right leg so that it is parallel to the floor. Bend your arms into proper running positions, with right arm bent in front of your torso and your left arm bent behind your torso. In one motion, extend your right leg so that it is behind you and lean forward with your torso, extending your right arm in front of you and your left arm behind you.

Here is a video for your reference: 

  • Split Stance Side Plank with Arm Raise. Planks are always a good choice for working out at home, since they are easy to do and great at targeting several muscles at once. With these planks, you’ll be taking your home workouts to the next level! For the Split Stance Side Plank with Arm Raise, begin by lying on one side of your body, propping yourself up with your bent arm on that side. Lift your hips so you are in a side plank position, and lift your opposite arm to the sky. Hold this position for 30 seconds or until you begin to feel tired. Repeat these steps on the opposite side.

Here is a video for your reference: 

  • Dynamic Hamstring Warm Up. It is important to stretch those hamstrings while you’re stuck at home to prevent them from becoming tight! This exercise will help you do just that. Begin standing up straight. Bend your right knee, and extend your left leg out in front of you so the heel of your foot is to the floor and your toes are to the sky. Bend your torso over your outstretched leg in a 90 degree angle, feeling the stretch in your left hamstring. Repeat these steps on the opposite side, making sure to alternate between each of your legs to get a good stretch on both sides.

Here is a video for your reference: 

  • Dynamic Hip Flexor Warm Up Straight. This exercise is great for getting your body all stretched out either before or after a workout. It is easy to do and targets several muscles in your body! With this one, you will also begin by standing up straight. Place one foot in front of you in a slight lunge position and reach your arms to the sky. Arch your back and look up to feel the stretch in your back, shoulders, and neck. Repeat these steps on the opposite leg. This exercise is also very helpful to do whenever you are feeling tight or achy in your back, neck, or upper extremities!

Here is a video for your reference: 


As always, if you have any questions about these workouts or if you’d like to inquire about additional advice to get moving from the comfort and safety of your own home, don’t hesitate to call or message Dynamic Health. We are still here to help you reach your physical goals!

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