Low Back Pain

Low back pain is commonplace in today’s society. Almost everyone has or will have a bout of low back pain in their life, and physical therapy in response.  Many have chronic low back pain.  These people have been to many practitioners only to find themselves in a dead-end with nowhere to turn.  They are resigned to the “living with it” mentality.  What they don’t know is, it does not have to be that way!

What is Low Back Pain

Low back pain is pain and tightness in the lumbar spine and pelvis area.

This is a result of:

1. Hypomobile joints involving the sacrum, pelvis, hips, and lumbar spine.

2. Muscle spasm in the lumbar spine and pelvis area.

3. Tightness or adherence in the ligaments and fascia.

BUT….the above is not the cause just the symptoms. 

We know that treating only symptoms is fruitless, hence the chronic nature of low back pain. The above hypomobility and spasm is a protection by the body, to cradle and limit movement.  The secret is, there is something else in the area that is compromised and is in need of protection from the muscles and joints.  If you find this compromised structure with skillful diagnostics, everything changes, and the patient is on the road to a more pain-free life.

Treating Low Back Pain

At Dynamic Health Physical Therapy in Avon, we understand low back pain, what might cause it, and how to fix it, including the secrets.  We are helping people every day to live a pain-free life without low back pain.

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