Highly recommend. A terrific team of skilled professionals. Significantly reduced chronic migraines allowing for the reduction of medications. Far exceeded my expectations!
Cindie C.


What is a Migraine? 

A migraine is a severe headache that often comes with nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound.  It can last for hours or days and interferes with your daily activities. 

What is the progression of a migraine? 

One or two days before a migraine there may be subtle changes that warn you of an impeding migraine.  These symptoms may include mood changes, food cravings, neck stiffness, fluid changes, or increased yawning.  

What is called an aura may also occur.  An aura is a change in vision that is more nervous system based.  A person can see bright spots, various shapes, or a loss of vision acuity.  

A migraine can last anywhere from a few hours to a couple days. Usually, people with a migraine need to stay in bed with lights off and no sound.  They can be very painful and the sensitivity to light and sound can also be challenging. 

 After a migraine the person may feel drained, feel the remnants of the migraine, or some people feel elated that it is lightening up. 

 What can you do for a migraine? 

Seeing a doctor that specializes in migraines is very helpful and can give you ways to help navigate and compensate for these problems.  There are also medications that can help migraines.   

A manual physical therapist can also be a game changer in helping to permanently decrease these migraines.  There are many techniques such as Craniosacral Therapy, Integrative Manual Therapy, and other advanced manual therapies that we use at Dynamic Health Physical Therapy that have been very effective in helping our patients free themselves from migraines. 

Contact us at Dynamic Health Physical Therapy in Avon, for a free consult or an appointment to evaluate your specific problem and reason for migraines.  We have helped many patients with migraines so far and we will continue to do so in the future.

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