Patient Testimonials

  •  Huge Improvement!

    “I am writing to express my appreciation for the work that Chris Roberts is doing with my children. We are only partially through the process, however, we are already beginning to see improvements in them in school, social activities, and in their health. Chris is able to use humor, a calm demeanor, and kindness to help my young children feel comfortable. He is able to explain things so that they can understand him easily and he has helped my oldest child understand why his food choices are so important. He is able to assess a situation and make adjustments so that the process can go more smoothly. There are few people that I can say I trust completely with my children. Chris is one of those few people. In addition to helping my children, his well-delivered suggestions have been right on target and have helped my family become healthier. Chris has provided a multi-faceted approach towards education via written material and providing information verbally. As a result, the quality of education that I’ve received has far surpassed any information provided by my traditional medical doctors. As a result of our positive experience, I have had glowing reports of your practice to my friends and neighbors. Thank you again for having such a talented and professional individual on staff.”

    L C-Parent

  •  Strong Support System

    “In addition to effective physical therapy, I have found a strong support system at Dynamic Physical Therapy. Leah is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She listens and gives thoughtful responses with helpful suggestions. The practice is a relaxed but efficient operation. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

    Sheila J.

  •  My Go-To

    “Chris is my go-to for physical ailments I cannot work out on my own- he has helped me and so many of my clients with a variety of issues. Al of them have been helped. He gets to the root of the problem and not just the symptom. I recommend him to everyone who struggles with something and hasn’t found help.”

    Elizabeth M.

  •  The Place To Go

    “I’m a big fan, and I highly recommend Leah. She has helped me through a head injury and an accident that resulted in a hip replacement. Good combination of structural and functional physical therapy. Whatever your challenge, this is the place to go. I’m doing great thanks to them. Great location in Avon Simsbury area.”

    Mary Ann M.

  •  Made Me Feel At Ease

    The therapists are very caring, knowledgeable and attentive. They listen and provide helpful feedback. Working with someone who makes the effort to explain the problem and help you understand the healing process is very comforting and reassuring.

    Sheila J.

  •  Highly Impressed!

    I am impressed with Chris and Leah. It was only after my 3 visits I began to feel relief. I really would recommend you at least try them before you go anyway else.

    Edwin P.

  •  Sciatica & Disc Pain

    I started out over 30 years ago with Integrative Manual Therapy to recover from a car accident, migraines and upper back problems. Recently, for relief from sciatica and now pinched nerve or disc pain. All resolved with manual therapy. Best conservative treatment ever!

    Patricia K.

  •  Highly Recommend!

    Chris Roberts was highly recommended to me and he did not disappoint. I flew in from Atlanta, GA to meet with him. He is an excellent diagnostician and I noticed changes after only 1 session. I was able to have another before I left which continued the process. Chris has the ability to feel what the changes the body needs to undergo for optimal health and wellness. I am grateful to be seeing him and plan to fly back up soon. The is just how good I believe he is!!!

    Gladie L.

  •  Right Hip Pain

    Incredible therapists, and Anna the office manager is the easiest, nicest person to work with. I’ve had a hip issue plaguing me for years, all other therapy I’ve done, even surgery, has helped but not really put me back on my feet. I’m so glad a friend recommended Chris at Dynamic! He’s easy to work with, talk to, and his skill with Integrative Manual Therapy is identifying and relieving underlying causes of the pain. Working with Chris at Dynamic is giving me hope that being pain free is possible without a replacement. Oh, and listening to 70’s soft rock during sessions……what can I say, makes you smile, laugh, and gives your spirit a lift. Thanks Chris!

    Jane T.

  •  Ankle Injury

    Chris is awesome to work with and I highly recommend him. My daughter injured her ankle after a track meet and we brought her to several doctors who could not seem to help We brought her to Chris and he quickly identified the issue and within a couple of weeks, my daughter was back to running. Chris put together a plan and explained to us what we needed to do and it worked. My daughter’s ankle is stronger than ever and we thank Chris for that

    Francis B.

  •  Recurring Headaches

    I was referred to Chris Roberts by a friend, who had amazing therapy outcomes and has been taking her whole family to address a variety of issues. At that time I needed to address recurring headaches resulting from my “computer neck”. I was able to experience immense relief even after the initial session, and substantially improved my quality of life with repeat visits. Chris is very experienced, highly knowledgeable and incredibly intuitive. He is genuinely concerned with the well being of his patients and uses his knowledge of manual therapy to treat the whole patient and lift them up to a totally new level of well being. Many people go through their entire lives not realizing how much physical discomfort and dis-ease impact their overall well being. Unaware of the tremendous healing potential of manual therapy they resort to conventional treatments that just mask their symptoms without addressing the underlining cause of the issue. Chris helps to diagnose the root cause and then delivers amazing outcomes. Following my initial success, I made it a point to consult with Chris whenever I experienced any discomfort and addressed multiple issues that were contributing to some areas of discomfort. Thanks to Chris I was able to reach the level of well being I haven’t seen in years. My son, who has been experiencing symptoms of discomfort and pain due to orthodontic treatment and high school sports injuries also became his patient and a huge fan. I cannot recommend Chris high enough given the tremendous value that he delivers.

    Dina B.

  •  Frozen Shoulder

    Chris has a gift! He has healed my frozen shoulder. After talking with a physical therapist who said I’d need treatment at least three times a week for about a year, someone recommended Chris to me. I am so thankful. He has helped me with NO pain at all during visits, and I’ve only had a handful of visits. Please give them a try!

    Kimberly W.

  •  Knee Pain

    Last summer I had twisted my knee and couldn’t walk without pain for months. My other knee took a lot of the stress and became overused and painful. It became so bad I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs or walk around the block. I visited an orthopedic and he recommended a double knee replacement due to arthritis. Thank God a friend recommended that I visit Chris at Dynamic Health and Wellness to see if he could help before deciding to have surgery. Chris has made such a miraculous difference in my knees that I can now exercise and go up and down stairs without pain or pain relievers which I haven’t been able to do in a year. I would recommend Chris to all of my friends and family before going anywhere else. I am so grateful for his expertise!

    Christy M.

  •  Developmental Delays

    My daughter didn’t walk until she was 17 months old. At one year she couldn’t even crawl, so I drove 4.5 hours and took her to see Chris and Leslie in Simsbury and one week after that visit, she started crawling. We continued to see Chris and Leslie monthly for manual therapy and my daughter finally started walking–and now runs and jumps and climbs like other kids!

    Chantelle K.

  •  Back Pain

    I am so impressed with Chris’s ability to be able to solve issues very quickly. I have been going to him for almost a year and he has done so much to help me with my back issues and other concerns. I am so grateful that he was recommended to me. I am constantly amazed at his knowledge and skills. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him! Mary Anne Kenyon

    Mary Anne K.

  •  Neck Pain

    I would without hesitation recommend Leah Nowak, physical therapist, at Dynamic Health Physical Therapy and Wellness in Avon, CT. I came to Leah with a complaint of persistent neck pain. Traditional physical therapy treatments only gave short term relief. Leah’s combined expertise in integrated manual therapy and physical therapy significantly reduced my pain, released tightness improving my flexibility after only one session. Leah is an excellent clinician, I would wholeheartedly recommend her. Leah is very knowledgeable, she takes the time to listen and explain her treatments. Leah is a great therapist!

    Mia L.

  •  General

    I had Leah Nowak from Dynamic Health Physical Therapy in Avon, CT perform a physical evaluation. Her knowledge was impressive and thoroughness was exemplary. She asked several questions to get at my history and performed many exercises to evaluate my physical limitations. From this, she was able to determine possible causes and recommended numerous exercises for rehab. I have noticed some improvements since I last saw her and intend to continue her exercises to get well. Thanks Leah.

    Marlon N.

  •  Stroke

    Leah Nowak and Chris Roberts are amazing therapists and we are so excited to be back with them at Dynamic Health in Avon. For over a dozen years Integrative Integrative Manual Therapy has been a lifesaver, literally, for my husband post stroke, working with his circulation and brain function, and for me with my connective tissue autoimmune condition. Their gifts and compassion have supported us through difficult crises. Their ability to communicate with the body is amazing, and they meet the patient on all levels. They have been an important part of our healing for which we are grateful.

    Toby W.

  •  Plantar Fasciitis and ankle pain

    My wife had been a client of Chris for many years through various challenges needing physical therapy. When I developed a problem she encouraged me to see him. I’m glad I did. I was having problems with my heel. Chris traced the root of the problem to a previously broken ankle that never quite healed properly. Over the course of a few weeks I have seen remarkable reduction in the pain in my heel. The things I like most about Chris is that he takes a lot of time to understand your particular condition and then develop a plan to focus on remediation. I highly recommend Chris as a very knowledgeable and effective physical therapist.

    Richard S.

  •  Elbow pain

    Chris is amazing! I was referred to him by a friend for my elbow. It was swollen, I was in pain and could not extend or bend it. After just a few visits it started feeling better!

    Nancy R

  •  Migraines

    Chris has helped me multiple times! After my pregnancy I had circulation issues and he helped me with them. He has helped my mother after her chemotherapy treatments. And her recovery is wonderful I am seeing him now for migraines and haven’t had one in two weeks. I cannot recommend his services enough.

    Erin L

  •  Knee pain and lymph congestion

    Chris help me get through chemotherapy, where my lymphs were clogged up because my liver couldn’t detox all the waste. My knee hurt so bad and he was able to clear the problem and get it through the chemo ordeal. That was 3 years ago. Not my other knee started hurting an I was told I was heading for a knee replacement. Wrong!!!! Chris was able to clear once again my lymphs and vascular system and the pain is gone. He is excellent!!!

    Nancy L

  •  General Ailments

    I highly recommend Chris at Dynamic Health Physical Therapy and Wellness. I have been going to Chris on and off for almost 10 years for different ailments. He is an amazing physical therapist and has always been able to help heal me when other practitioners couldn’t. His expertise in integrative manual therapy sets him apart from other physical therapy practitioners. He is extremely knowledgeable not only about the body but overall health. Friends and family asked me why I travel more than an hour and a half round-trip to see him when I have a physical therapy clinic two minutes away from my house. The answer is easy………when you find a practitioner this amazing it’s worth the drive. It’s not even an option to go anywhere else. All I know is that I always leave my PT sessions feeling better than when I arrived and I always see improvement with whatever Chris is working to help me heal. If you have gone to other physical therapy practitioners and have not got the results that you have wanted, it’s time to call Chris at Dynamic Health Physical Therapy and Wellness. You WiLL see positive results!

    Amy W

  •  Total Hip Replacement and low back pain

    Chris Roberts, Dynamic Health Physical Therapy, and has been my physical therapist since I had hip replacement surgery. His combination of experience, traditional physical therapy, and manual therapy has worked wonders to keep me flexible and mobile. I walk every day and ride my bike in season with no difficulty. His home exercises are clear and very manageable and he uses our office visits efficiently and expertly to loosen up and release areas of tightness or restriction that may have developed during the rigors of daily life. I highly recommend Chris for his expertise and professionalism. I have had many physical therapists in my 70 years of living, but he is by far the best!


  •  Total knee replacement

    My experience with Chris in rehabbing my replaced knee led me back to him when I had shoulder/rotator cuff surgery. He was the only person I wanted to handle my shoulder therapy after he did such an outstanding job helping me come back from the knee replacement. Chris uses both massage and exercise therapy to get the best results from his patients. He is also extremely positive, which can be very helpful to those trying to regain their form. Speaking as a former high school and college athlete, I’ve never been more impressed with a physical therapist than I am with Chris. And trust me, I’ve been treated by many of them.

    Andy A.

  •  Multiple Issues

    Chris is an unbelievable manual and physical therapist. He works to discover the root cause of issues and treat at the source versus the symptoms. He has been helping my mom, my daughter and I with multiple issues and we have seen significant improvement. He explains what he is doing and works holistically to solve the issue.

    Laura O.

  •  Below the knee amputation

    My name is Jerry and I’m a below the knee amputee!! I first met Chris during my home visits. He helped me with the stairs, huge obstacle at first!! He also taught me exercises and pushed me to walk more. At first I could only walk 1000 steps a day, if that. Now I do 10,000 plus a day. He’s truly a Savior!! Now we are working on range of motion in my knee.

    Great therapist, very knowledgeable!!

    Jerry S.

  •  Neck pain with arm issues

    Chris is an incredible manual and physical therapist. I went to him at the recommendation of a friend and I am so grateful. I was losing function of my arm due to neck issues and I haven’t had an issue with my arm since my first visit! In addition, my chronic headaches have resolved and I’m sleeping much better. Chris also sees my daughter for frequent abdominal pain and her symptoms have completely resolved since his work with her! I wholeheartedly recommend him! You won’t regret it!

    Tara L.

  •  Chris has been very helpful!!

    Professional and couteous, as an amputee we have worked on numerous aspects of physical therapy. From range of motion to mastering stairs, Chris has been very helpful!!

    Gerald S.

  •  Knee pain

    I went to Chris after seeing two or three different PT’s that told me I had hip imbalance and/or IT band syndrome. Chris figured out that I had a bunch of different things that were causing my pain and fixed everything. I went from being in pain after running two miles to being able to run any amount I wanted to. Chris is the best, I have sent many friends and colleagues to Chris and all have been extremely happy with results. I highly recommend seeing Chris!!!!!!

    Matt K

  •  Fell off bike and sports injuries

    Chris is amazing! I have been working with him for 15 years. I am an avid athlete, who comes for maintenance as well as acute issues. He saved me when I fell off my bike and hit a car. He was the only one who got me back to my athletic self. I moved to California and fly back to have him treat me, as I trust him with my life. He knows exactly what the issues are and how to effectively and efficiently treat them. It would take me weeks, with another person who probably wouldn’t be able to really fix me. It is not worth my sanity or physical well being so I fly back to Connecticut. His proprietary manual therapy techniques make him the best, in a sea of ineffective therapists.

    Krista P.

  •  Total knee replacements

    Chris Roberts is the best physical therapist ever! I had 2 total knee replacements (a year apart) and if it weren’t for Chris’ skill, encouragement and patience, I never would have had such a successful recovery each time. He takes serious interest in his patients and goes beyond to make sure the patient’s goals are achieved. I recommend DHPT without reservation for any physical therapy needed. He deserves 10 stars, truly and honestly.

    Terri W.

  •  Back pain

    Chris Roberts at dynamic health is amazing! I feel so much better, he is very knowledgeable & genuinely cares about your well being. I had back pain & tried everything for it, nothing worked. All they wanted to do was give me a pill or cut me open. It wasn’t until I found Chris that my back pain is GONE! I recommend dynamic health to everyone. You have one life, live it healthy & live it happy!

    Jody R.

  •  Chris is an unbelievable manual and physical therapist.

    Chris is an unbelievable manual and physical therapist. He works to discover the root cause of issues and treat at the source versus the symptoms. He has been helping my mom, my daughter and I with multiple issues and we have seen significant improvement. He explains what he is doing and works holistically to solve the issue.

    Laura O.

  •  Sensory Integration Disorder and abdominal pain

    I took my son (9yrs) for unexplainable stomach pains. CHRIS has been working with him on his stomach and his central nervous system (my son has sensory integration disorder).We have seen great changes and he is feeling much better. It’s amazing how calm my son is when we leave! Almost unbelievable!
    After seeing the changes and help he has given my son, I decided to see him for my constant hip pain. I’ve been twice and already seeing relief. Thanks CHRIS! I recommend any and all to check him out if you are in need of pain relief!

    Magnolia C.

  •  Morton’s Neuroma/foot pain

    Chris is a amazing, highly skilled Physical Therapist. He helped my body heal itself using manual physical therapy when I fractured my foot and developed Morton’s ’ Neuroma. Both times, consulting doctors from three of Connecticut’s top hospitals recommended surgery. My feet are now pain free!
    Chris enables me to exercise, be active, and sleep pain free. He explains what he is doing and why in terms that I understand. I trust Chris and he never fails to alleviate my pain. I only wish I could give him 10 stars!

    Gail S.

  •  Infant with developmental delay

    Chris Roberts is an amazing physical therapist. My daughter has been seeing Chris for a chronic condition since she was about 6 months old. At that time, she was behind in meeting all of her gross motor developmental milestones. Within a couple months of seeing Chris, she mastered sitting up independently, crawling, pulling up, and was walking before her first birthday. Chris has not only built a trusting relationship with my baby but also with me. He talks with her, plays with her as he works on her, and also makes time to answer the many questions that I have! He is patient with her and has a great sense of humor. He responds quickly to phone calls and texts and has called me in the evening and on the weekend to answer questions. In my opinion, Chris is an expert in his field and readily shares his knowledge with his patients. He has a great demeanor with both adults and children. I am so happy with the care and results that I have seen with my daughter and I truly believe if not for Chris, she would still be struggling with gross motor function.

    Heather G.