Custom Therex Programs Avon, CT

Custom Therex Programs

Manual therapy and advanced manual therapy when applied correctly will increase a person’s potential for healing and improved function through structural changes. These manual therapies will release tension patterns in fascia and open joints, therefore, giving the patient improved movement and flexibility. A customized therapeutic exercise program with specially tailored exercises is what allows a patient to attain that functional potential that was afforded through manual therapy. Contact Dynamic Health today.

If a patient presents with low back pain with stiffness. Most practitioners would focus on the general weakness of the low back, pelvis, abdominal complex. This is a good plan, but the exercise program should be timed correctly with the manual therapy program and be specific and individualized per patient. The manual therapy will rectify any structural or abnormal movement patterns, and the therapeutic exercise will reinforce this new normal movement and facilitate greater function.

Employing a customized exercise program will address a weakness, poor stability, muscle imbalances, coordination disturbances, and general functional weakness. Patients will be stronger, have more stability and balance, improved coordination, improved gait, and greater function to achieve the goals that they want.

Our physical therapists have had extensive training and prescribe individualized one on one customized therapeutic exercise programs. We give one on one instruction and feedback throughout and as progression is made. We graduate the patient to a more and more skilled level of strength/stability and understanding. Our physical therapists have had success with balance problems in the elderly population to the elite athlete. For more information, Contact us at Avon, CT center.