Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Tissue can be another barrier to free movement of joints, muscles, connective tissues, and bones as well as create an area of edema or swelling local, regional, or systemic that causes problems.

The most common manifestation of lymphedema is soft tissue swelling. This fluid retention is caused by compromised lymph nodes and vessels which would normally return interstitial fluid or fluid found in the body outside of the cell to the bloodstream. This condition is most frequently a complication of cancer treatment, including radiation and/or lymph node resection due to a tumor. Other causes can be infection, trauma, or toxicity. In these situations, the Lymph system becomes compromised and needs some assistance to regain balance and normal function.

The lymph system relies on intrinsic contractions of the smooth muscle in the walls of the lymph vessels to move fluid along the path. Also helpful is the contraction of skeletal muscles to propel lymph fluid through the vessels to the lymph nodes.

Manual therapy for the treatment of lymphatic conditions and lymphedema is characterized by a lighter touch. We use an approach developed by Dr. Sharon Weiselfish Giammateo called Integrative Manual Therapy(IMT), plus other techniques from well known manual physical therapists. These techniques address tension patterns in the lymph system to create a better physical environment for lymph to flow more freely. Also, the treatment focuses on relaxing and releasing the smooth muscle of the lymph vessels and lymph nodes allowing the lymph system to work more effectively and efficiently. After the lymph system is more “open,” the lymph flow is facilitated to move with manual drainage techniques that will now be more effective.

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